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Building a New Fence

This past Fall our fence got a lot of damages from a heavy thunderstorm. We decided to give DIY repairing/rebuilding a shot. After a lot of planning, costing work, watching a ton of Youtube videos on fence building, several trips to Home Depot, executing, failing, about to give up, getting back to it, in almost 3 months, our new fence was finally complete.

We kept the old poles and straightened them up. All wood panels were replaced. Check out the end to end process of this project below!

The fence after the storm. This fence was probably over 30 years old, we were not sure if it was the original fence of the house but it was really beat up and in a bad shape even before the storm.

Cedar panels for the new fence! For indoor projects we normally use pine, but for this fence, cedar was our choice, it does better outside with heat and moisture, not as heavy as pine. These are treated panels, ready to be cut into needed measurements and installed.

And of course I always need more plants...

Demolishment day! Did not take that much work, the fence was about to collapse on its own. :D.

We kept the original poles as they are still in good shape, we did straighten them up and added concrete support to ensure they stay straight to support the new panels.

First panels installed!

First section coming together, 15 more to go and we're already exhausted! :D

Complete, finally! After 3 months.

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