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DIY Patio Transformation

We overhauled our patio this Fall. I have been obsessing over the checkered flooring pattern for a few months now and a good friend of mine just DIY'ed her patio concrete floor into a beautiful checkered floor and shared all steps with me. So, one weekend, off we went to Lowe's to get materials for this exciting project.

The wood deck was so dated and had some water damages so it was time for it to go anyway. It took a few days to demolish the current floor and clean up. Then I had an idea of buying outdoor tiles and painting them. Well it turned out to be a very bad idea. Ales ended up pouring concrete instead and it worked much so much better. Once the concrete dried out, we primed the floor with 2 coats of Valspar Interior/Exterior Concrete Bonding Primer.

Then comes the concrete painting part, this was so time consuming! Ales mapped out the pattern then I taped the squares as I hand painted each square then came back and do the same thing for a second coat! 500 mosquito bites and 4 or 5 evenings after, when my knees felt like they almost fell off my legs, it's done! I was so happy to see how the checkered floor turned out. The two colors we used to paint the floor are Ocean Storm 4004-2b and Summer Gray 7006-17 in Valspar Tintable Satin Exterior Porch and Floor Paint (Smooth Satin finish). Last step for the floor was to seal it with a coat of Seal-Krete Clear Gloss Sealer.

Initially we only planned to work on the floor. However, after the floor was beautifully done. The old wood wood paneled walls did not seam go go with the new floor. We love the quality of the wall wood panels so we left them and decided to give the walls a fresh look with a dark paint color. The color we went with is Nocturnal Green 5011-1. We also sanded the old stain down on the door and applied a new clear coat to feature the natural wood color.

After the floor and the walls were done, we finished up this space with adding some rattan decors and lanterns. We moved the chairs, accent tables, and our big plants back in, and added a few pillows.

Truly love our this space turned out. Will be my favorite outdoor space for reading this coming spring and summer. Enjoy a few pictures of the process below!


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