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Spring 2022 Expanded Edible Garden Space

When we initially set up our DIY Kitchen Garden back in 2020, there were 3 square cedar raised beds. We then added 2 galvanized tanks to the space. This Spring we are expanding our little backyard farm to include a few more beds. Had a lot of fun playing with different shapes and materials.

In the first few pictures, you will see my newest obsession: Vego Garden's modular raised beds. These come in countless options to customize for your space thanks to the modular design! I got three 17" high raised beds: 2 in rectangular shape and 1 round bed. Super easy to set up.

I also got two 3ft galvanized fire rings from Tractor Supply and added a copper finish to them.

So in total, now we have 10 raised beds in different shapes and materials, ready to house a beautiful veggie garden this spring and many more seasons to come.

Enjoy the pictures and happy growing!


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