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DIY Industrial Shelves

After we renovated the living room with new and fresh bright walls. We wanted to get some narrow console tables or shelving units to stage behind and around the sectional for storage and also decoration.

We looked all over online on many different sites for a nice quality metal and wood console table, but could not find what we loved. So as usual, while wandering around Home Depot and Lowe's, we decided that we were going to make the shelving units/console tables.

Ales ended up making two units, one with one shelf layer that goes behind our sectional and the other one with double shelves that goes against the wall, the shelves are staged around the sectional, creating functional storage space and room for plants! They also complement the minimalistic look we wanted to accomplish here in this space.

See below pictures for step-by-step of the shelves made with solid pine wood panels and galvanized pipes. This is a late post. Pictures are from last year when we made the shelves and new images from the latest round of living room decoration (3rd time maybe in year :D)


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