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Bring The Outside In | Home Office

This past summer I decided to redecorate my home office. This is my favorite space in the house for quiet reading and snuggling time with my pup Eggy. Ales gave this room a complete renovation last year, replacing the old carpet floor that came with the house when we bought it with slate tiles, gave the room new paint including an amazing mountain mural on one side inspired by the beautiful scenery I saw in Central America on one of my work trips. We furnished the room with mostly DIY furniture pieces Ales made and decorated it with a lot of plants, of course!

This summer I thought I would redecorate the room to make it look a little cozier. I have also been obsessed with the indoor jungle theme around the house so continuing that theme here in my reading space was a must-do.

Sharing how the room was transformed from the beginning to how it looks now, starting with the initial renovation work and the latest decoration round. Enjoy!



This was how this room looked like when we got this house. Looked like nobody cleaned it for 10 years.

So we ripped it apart and made it beautiful

Mountain mural painting begins!

DIY desk with solid pine and hairpin metal legs

How the room looked from last round of decoration:

And how it looks now! Wit A LOT more plants added :)


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