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Zen Entryway

The entryway was one of the last projects we worked on in our current home. Looking back, we probably should have been a little more thoughtful about this space earlier. We did not pay much attention to it mostly due to the fact that it's one of the smallest spaces in the house. It is also not a place we hang around for more than five minutes any given time. Its function is simply a space we pass by, quickly, or so we thought.

I work in retail and as my work days got increasingly hectic in the last couple years, with long days at the office and intensive international travel schedules, I have been adding more zen elements into our home. The calm and quite spaces create the balance we need. I came to realize that the entryway was the most important spaces in the house that deserves much attention and intention. It is the space where we transition between the outside world and our home.

At the original state when we bought this 1983 home, the living room was covered in those dull dated wood panels. We renovated the living room and lifting up the look with fresh white paint. Check out our living room renovation post for more details. The entryway's walls were in a yellow-ish white paint. Ales gave it a new look with a refreshing coat of Flannel Grey color, the same grey we used in our kitchen, dining room, and game room.

I finished off the entryway by decorating it with a zen theme, consistent with what we do in other rooms. Lots of plants, furniture and decors mainly made out of natural materials help bring the organic and tranquil atmosphere to this space. I set this entryway up with a small caned cabinet, a large unique looking reactive glaze bubble vase with a beautiful blue color, a couple of rattan baskets for my favorite indoor snake plants, and a small beautiful Buddha candle holder, and of course some freshly cut Birds of Paradise large leaves from our garden.

This small Zen entryway brings an instant and much needed calm effect to the house. It reminds me to take a moment to be grateful as I get ready to leave the house in the morning for work, and leave my busy thoughts behind the door when I enter the house after a long day at work. It helps me slow down and be more mindful and thoughtful. Never thought a small transitional space can have such a large impact.

We love our new Zen entryway! Enjoy a few pictures of the process and the finished looks below.



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