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Husky Cherry Tomatoes in Tall Planter

Husky Cherry is a new variety I tried out this year in our tall planter. This planter is 6ft long, 1.5ft wide, 10in deep, and 32in tall. It is a DIY piece Ales made with pine frame and cedar boards.

I have 4 plants in the planter. Got the baby plants from Lowe's late Spring, around end of March, when they were just about 8-10in tall. They started producing tomatoes around end of April and grew to over 3ft tall at the end of the season. It was so awesome seeing them grow and produce fruits. Love the thick texture and dark green foliage of this variety. I had arugula growing at the bottom of these plants. Arugula & cherry tomato salad, anyone?

Enjoy a few pictures below and a short video tour!

Enjoy a little tour!


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