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Backyard Tomato Forest

This Spring I started several varieties of tomatoes in the raised bed garden as well as in our tall planter. Absolutely love the four cherry varieties: Yellow Pear, Sun Sugar, Husky Cherry and Tami G Grape. They all taste delicious but different from each other. Learning so much about their unique differences in taste, color, and shape. Things I did not know when I just bought “cherry tomatoes” from the stores. Husky Cherry is a bush variety and the other ones are vines.

These vines grew to almost 8-9 feet long at their maturity. Definitely will grow these again next year. I also had Celebrity (larger sized tomatoes) in one of my raised beds. The tomato garden produced over 1500 tomatoes over the course of 3-4 months. So grateful for my garden. Enjoy the pictures below. Happy gardening!

Husky Cherry tomatoes in raised 32" high planter.

Tami G grape tomatoes in raised beds.

Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes in raised beds.

Husky Cherry tomatoes in tall planter.

Celebrity tomatoes in raised bed.



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