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9 in 1 Modular Veggie Raised Bed

Over the summer we wanted to add more raised bed to our backyard to expand edible gardening space. We discovered this cool metal raised bed kit from Vego Garden. We have been building our own wood raised beds and wanted to test out beds in different materials. It was a lot of fun setting up this metal raised bed.

There are 9 different configurations that you can play with to set up a bed that best fits your space. It was also super easy to build. We wanted to create more edible veggie planting space along the fence so we went with the 2’ by 8’ configuration and it worked out perfectly for this space. The bed is 17” high so rabbits won’t get into our veggies and the elevated height helps make planting and tending a little easier (less bending!). It is a beautiful, sturdy bed and we love all the possibilities of different dimensions if we ever need to set it up in a different area of the yard.

We found that raised beds work best for our edible gardening needs and were excited to find this raised bed kit. In this bed, we planted a variety of tomatoes and some cone flowers to encourage pollination. We’re in the Dallas area so tomatoes will probably thrive until..... October? 😃🌿🍅. So why not more tomatoes in the garden, right? We have Goliath, Celebrity Hybrid, and Yellow Pear Cherry tomatoes in this bed. Since the bed is raised at a 17” height so a lot of depth for a good mix of soil and compost that tomatoes and most edible veggie plants would enjoy.

Thinking of adding more beds to our garden in the Fall and possibly painting them with fun colors. Urban farm dreaming continues!


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