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Tropical Patio

This year we changed up the patio to have a modern boho, tropical theme, with a lot of large-leaf plants (my favorite, you will continue to see these indoor), black and white accents, against the natural wood walls our cover patio has. Our go-to plants are Fiddle-leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise, and Monstera. These plants do so well outdoor in the shade and also indoor.  

Bird of Paradise is a fast-growing indoor/outdoor (in the shade) plant. We got small plants from our local nursery and they have been growing so fast. It is amazing to see new leaves popping up every other week. It always puts a smile on my face coming home from a long day at work and see a new leaf showing up. I guess you notice them more on Bird of Paradise because the leaves are so big, so when a new leaf comes up, it brings an impactful presence of change to the entire scene surrounding it. These plants grow tall quickly, too. We got 3 small plants around March and now they have grown into 6 plants that are placed both inside the house and out on the patio.

We repurposed an old clothes rack into a vertical plant hanger. Initially we had several buckets of herbs but they did not do really well in the shade, so eventually we changed them all to Golden Pothos. This is our favorite hanging plant, super low maintenance, only needs water once a week. This is the one plant that I trust will surely survive my 2-3 weeks of being away traveling for work when Ales would occasionally forget watering (or miss some of them because there are so many plants in & outside of the house).

Urban jungle dream continues!

Playing with pillows

Starting to set up.

Old clothes rack as plant hanger.

Final looks!

And the moments of MAGIC when new leaves show up.

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