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Sunrise and Sunset

I am grateful for all the blessings 2018 has brought.

Grateful for my parents who endured through health challenges with amazing optimism. Thinking of them growing up during a time of war, working so hard to get their education, raising our family while managing a difficult family business always reminds me of how fortunate and privileged I am and how much more I can do.

Grateful for my little brother who always inspires me for having a great passion for what he does and his kindness for others.

Grateful for my husband for being my anchor, always. And my puppy who loves me and makes me laugh.

Grateful for the courage I had to get out of my comfort zone and make career change that has allowed me to learn and grow so much more than I could ever imagine.

Grateful for the chance to meet with my mentor Tom one last time before he passed away and knew how happy he was for me as I started my new journey. I hope I continue to make him proud.

Grateful for my old and new colleagues I work with whose resilience, drive, passion for the business especially during tough times that inspire me each and every day.

Grateful for old and new friends who warm my heart and make me smile.

And lastly, grateful for all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I was lucky enough to see around the world.

May 2019 bring everyone joy and happiness.


Sunset in Plano, Texas, January 2018

Sunset in Fort Worth, Texas, January 2018

Sunrise in Saigon, Vietnam, March 2018

Sunrise in Saigon, Vietnam, March 2018

Sunrise over Japan, March 2018.

Sunset in Carrollton, Texas, May 2018

Sunset in Farmersville, Texas, over Pam & Schuyler's ranch, July 2018.

Sunrise in Saigon, Vietnam, September 2018

Sunset in Shenzhen, China, September 2018

Sunset in Carrollton, Texas, October 2018

Sunset in Fort Worth, Texas, November 2018

Sunset in Moradabad, India, November 2018

Sunrise in Hong Kong, November 2018

Sunset in Hong Kong, December 2018

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