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Sweet Summer in Saigon, Vietnam

In 2015, Ales and I spent a couple weeks in the summer to visit my family. It was Ales's first time in Vietnam and my real vacation in a while. It was such a wonderful time to spend with mom, dad, my younger brother and traveled to visit my grandma. It was a surprise to me that Ales was doing just fine with the typical crazy traffic in Saigon where it always looked like thousands of motorbikes were coming at you at once.

As I traveled to and lived in many different places, I realized that while in Vietnam people always look busy, the streets always seem chaotic, and city lights are never off, it is actually one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in my mind. I think hundreds of years of colonization and several wars have made the culture and people here deeply embrace peace and friendship. I remember growing up my parents always reminded me to be kind to others regardless what life brings.

Sharing a few pictures from our trip.

Ales and Dad, we went straight for a few beers after we landed at the airport around 11pm. You can easily find places to eat even this late at night. The city never sleeps. :)

Cà phê sữa đá, traditional Vietnamese ice coffee.

Visiting grandma. She is in her late 80s and is still running a convenient store!

Ales with grandma.

Me and Triet, my wonderful brother!

Our neighborhood.

With mom...

At dad's old family house in the country

Love my dad...

Having lunch with family on a floating "village"

Mommy and me...

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