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DIY Study Room Renovation

I am so excited that we finally finished renovating one of the bedrooms and converted it into a study room. As a nerd, I had always wanted to have my own study room for a long time, instead of just a desk somewhere in the house. Dream finally came true!

There are many special things about this room that I love. I visited Central America late last year, including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. The stunningly beautiful mountain landscape there inspired me so much that I wanted to have one wall in the house painted with a mountain mural. So a mountain mural is now here on a wall in this study room. Ales did a beautiful job painting the wall.

My coffee table and desk were also handmade by Ales. We still kept a lot of the wood from the tree that got sick and we had to cut down earlier. Ales has been making few pieces of furniture from the wood stumps & trunks including the coffee table in this post. He also made me a desk from pine wood and hairpin industrial legs.

Enjoy pictures of the entire process below!

This is how the room looked like when we got the house. It was gross and looked like nobody cleaned it for a decade.

So, it's time for a total make-over. Eggy is ready!

Inspiration. Drawn by me. HAHA.

And Ales's artwork!

And the complete AFTER looks!

1/1/2019 Updates:

Since the palm tree did not seem to do well indoor (low light environment), I have moved it out the patio and re-decorate the office with a bookshelf and a faux ficus tree. Golden pothos plants on the shelf are real, they do really well with low light space.

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