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Sod Project for Our Neighbor

Our neighbor Vicki wanted Ales to help with her front yard. A dead tree was recently removed and Vicki wanted to have green grass for her front yard. There was some grass here and there and overall, the yard needed to be reworked properly. We consulted Vicky to go with sod instead of seeds, which we did for our front yard. Laying sod is more expensive, but delivers quick results, and has much higher rate of success.

Ales made a few calls to nurseries around North Dallas to make sure we get Vicky the best price. Home Depot and Lowe's do sell sods but because we needed two pallets, we decided to buy from a local nursery directly at wholesale price. That saved Vicky a lot of money.

It took us about 6 hours to complete the job, including properly preparing the soil, laying sod, and cleaning up. The sod looked well blended in with the next door yards. It's great to see a complete face lift of the front yard after just one day, Vicky and her puppies love the green space!

We are debating between seeds or sods for our new home's front yard. Let's see what we end up doing. But both ways are rewarding. Laying sod is fast, growing grass from seeds takes some time. But it is actually fun to watch the progress of something that grows from seeds!

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