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DIY Guest Bathroom Overhaul

Ales did a full update to this guest bathroom after watching about 50 Youtube videos. Everything was redone here. The bathtub plastic wall was removed, new HardieBacker Cement Backerboards were installed for all walls and floor (1/2" for wall and 1/4" for floor). For the floor, we used Marazzi Montagna Smoky Black porcelain tiles (12x24), and for the bathtub wall we used Travisano Trevi tiles (12x12) in the tan colorway.

We did not replace the vanity cabinet, we cleaned it up, sanded it down, and gave it a new coat of paint in dark Espresso. We replaced the 49" vanity top with Home Depot's Vanity Top in Blanco Taupe with White Basin. By refinishing the old cabinet, replacing the only counter top, and added new faucets, we saved a lot of money here compared to the option of purchasing a brand new set.

To finish it up, we put in new light fixture (Home Depot's clearance), sliding doors on top of the bathtub, and white baseboards.

Enjoy the pictures!

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